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Blind Enigma: logs

u s e r i n f o m y  f r i e n d s blind blindenigma_log m e m o r i e s
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[Night XXXVI] Boredom! It serves every excuse! [May 3rd 2007, 18:37pm]

Name: Boredom! It serves every excuse!
Characters: maverick_red & anyone who wants to be pick-pocketed, blown up or catch Reno in the act of either op.
Summary: Reno's bored and decides that maybe it's time to go off and fool around with people.
Rating: PG
Complete/Incomplete: In complete

With a loud yawn, Reno decided that maybe, just maybe he was bored.Collapse )
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[April 29th 2007, 0:58am]

Name:Friends Nemeses reunited
Characters: Tsuzuki (lost_tsuzuki), Muraki (cruelcounsellor) and anyone else who wants to join ^_^
Summary: After a hard day’s work Tsuzuki calls into the Idiotic Unicorn, only to encounter someone he wasn’t expecting.
Rating:PG 13 for M/M hints
Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

drowning your sorrowsCollapse )
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[April 22nd 2007, 19:03pm]

This thread has been a long time coming. XD

Name: The Hunter (AKA Dante and Hiei bitch at each other for a bit)
Characters: Hiei sayitwithflames, Dante demonspath
Summary: Hiei makes a new friend...
Rating: G so far
Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

Shadows on the hillsCollapse )
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[April 9th 2007, 15:33pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Characters: Dante (demonspath), HCIII-X (machinesoldier), Nuku Nuku (finecolorday) anyone welcome to join in!
Summary: Dante has been exploring the new city all day and is growing more annoyed as he can not find a way out… or who is behind it all…
Rating: G at the moment
Complete/Incomplete: On hold...

Enlighten Dante as to where he is pls!Collapse )

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[April 7th 2007, 17:30pm]

Was lying in wait to see if the Dante application got accepted, but I'm all rp-full and I want Hiei to go out and do stuff so... 8D

Characters: Hiei (sayitwithflames), Marshmallow Peep (be_npcpeep), Ed (saintedsinner), Misha (tenshisu) and whoever wants to join.
Summary: Hiei contemplates the dwindling prospect of escape... in a tree. Because you know, he likes hanging out in trees. Yeah.
Rating: G
Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

Ghosts with just voicesCollapse )
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PEEP INVASION! [April 6th 2007, 17:30pm]

Characters: Cassandra and the PEEPS
Summary: A new thing has entered the City of Babylon to torment it's citizens.
Rating: PG
Complete/Incomplete: this chapter complete..

Read more...Collapse )


Any logs, journal entries and the lot made after this post will be subject to the peep invasion.

Marshmallow peeps are an alien life form intent on suffocating the living with sugary sweetness. There may be a few peeps now, but they will soon grow in numbers. Yellow peeps are considered 'grunts' in the army. There are many and act randomly without direction. Pink peeps tend to be 'squad leaders' and keeps small platoons of yellow peeps under control. Purple peeps are the most intelligent and will orchestrate invasions and reconnissance missions.

If a peep is exposed to water, ten peeps will 'spawn' from the first, and if those peeps are exposed to water, they too will spawn 10 more peeps each. (beware the water supply! Hydroponics in danger!)

Peeps, when they congregate, will become a 'peep wave' and attempt to 'drown' victims. They do show some intelligence singularly, keeping hidden when alone or in small groups. When enmassed by the thousands, expect tidal waves in the streets! Peeps can be destroyed two ways: eating them and by fire.

Don't expect any tidal waves until May 1st, though. :-P

Happy Peeping! They will show in the random-ness of places!]]]
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DAY XVII: Mustang? What about him? [April 3rd 2007, 17:45pm]

Name: Mustang? What about him?
Characters: Edward Elric saintedsinner & Cyril Adler ashen_flame
Summary: Cyril and Edward take that walk after they help Hammy and RJ. The topic? Mustang, of course. What fun.
Rating: PG, may go up depending on Ed's language
Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

It was a good day...Collapse )
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[April 3rd 2007, 2:07am]

Name: Games the Wicked Play
Characters: Xellos (beast_priest) and Envy(cute_bishie)
Stalking and Plotting and OMG WHAT ARE THEY DOING!
Rating: R for a brutal bout of "making out"

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[[OMG THE MOD HAS TEH DUMB]] [April 2nd 2007, 23:44pm]


Hey look I'm a dork! How long had this thread been happening and it wasn't in the LOG community? How stupid is your mod, folks! Come on, tell me tell me! :-P

Is SO not braining today...or when I started the thread!
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DAY XVII: Talking animals, a doctor... [March 28th 2007, 17:55pm]

Name: Talking animals, a doctor and possibly someone supposedly not short.
Characters: Hammy, RJ, Cyril Adler and Edward Elric
Summary: RJ and Cyril go looking for injured Hammy.
Rating: PG
Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

Cyril cringed at the sight of the apartment.Collapse )
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